De Leon Technologies LLC
Since 2001, providing innovative, cost-effective solutions to extend human presence beyond Earth.
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De Leon Technologies LLC is a certified small-business, Hispanic-owned company. Our company, based in Cape Canaveral, Florida provides since 2001 innovative, cost effective solutions to help humanity to become a multiplanetary species.

With unique expertise in human spaceflight systems, and a heavy R&D component, De Leon Technologies is an ideal partner on projects to take humanity beyond Low Earth Orbit, back to the Moon and on to Mars.

Space suits

De Leon Technologies LLC is one of the few pressure suits providers in the world. We produced both Intravehicular (IVA) and ExtraVehicular (EVA) suits for testing and research.

Space exhibits

We are developers of space exhibitions for museums, space organizations, planetariums, private collections and other venues.

Space nutrition

We develop concept designs of edible plants production systems for the astronauts of tomorrow. We also team with Eternal Foods for the development of innovative solutions to solve the problem of nutrition during long duration spaceflight. Jointly with Eternal Foods, we are winners of the Phases-1 and 2 of NASA’-sponsored Deep Space Food Challenge.

Planetary analog research
We developed a concept for planetary analog operations, including habitats, rovers and space suits, usable for future expeditions to the moon and Mars.
3D printing technologies for space suits

We developed and patented a system to print flexible joints of space suits, to reduce the dependency of Earth for future space explorers, allowing them to manufacture their space suits in their destination.

STEM Education

We develop educational materials, aids and games to inspire the next generation of space explorers and enthusiasts.

About us

Dr. Pablo de León, President

Dr. de León brings more than 30 years of expertise in human spaceflight systems and space suit design. Pablo has been in charge of many space projects, including payloads on board the Space Shuttle as well as satellites and other experimental systems. He has been the lead developer of several simulators and space analogs.

Gary L. Harris, Principal Engineer

Gary Harris is a worldwide-known expert in space suit design. He is also the author of “The Origins and Technology of the Advanced Extra-Vehicular Space Suit” which is considered as the most comprehensive book on space suit development.

Kein Rodríguez, Designer

Kein Rodríguez is a graphics designer and digital artist with ample experience in space exhibits and development of immersive environments. Motorsport teams and vehicle livery design expert. Space and aircraft enthusiast.

8700 Astronaut Blvd. #1981
Cape Canaveral, FL 32920-1981, USA