De Leon Technologies LLC has developed several traffic control systems following the requirements of the European Community Union and South American Governments.

In an effort to help reduce the number of traffic accidents in Argentina and Brazil, we designed a new speed enforcement system with digital capture of the rear plate of the vehicle and a microwave transmitting system that delivers the image of the vehicle, along with accessory data, to a mobile control unit located at up to 5 miles of the speed detection device.

There, the image is printed before the speeding vehicle arrives to the control post where police officers stop and fine the driver for his speed violation. Our speed control systems use the finest technology available, meeting high standards for accuracy and precision, and protecting the violator’s rights.

Totally automatic, this speed control system do not allow any override by the operator. The prints and the digital photos have a serial number which cannot be altered or manipulated.

We offer our system in two versions; one with a digital image transmitting device, which allows the police to stop the vehicle, and the other without this device, permitting to mail the printed fines to the violator.

We also represent other brands of Laser (LIDAR) Speed Detection Systems and portable units suitable for use in police patrols or hand-held.

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